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Camey Liu

Fashion Designer/ Entrepreneur/ KOL

Education: Parsons School of Design

Major: Fashion Design

Minor: Creative Entrepreneurship

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About Camey Liu

Camey Liu encounters delicate souls and decorates women life with elegance, creating a unique atmosphere with florals. Women wearing Camey Liu will find love and devotion like the goddess.

Embrace the art background, Camey Liu values the creative process of creating a timeless garment. Every design is a culmination of international art and fashion, celebrating the diversity of beauty worldwide.

Camey Liu fantasy creates exclusive custom-fitted garments, embracing women individuality and finding timeless beauty in precious uniqueness within a lucid dream.

The design story ingrained a tangible background, women will find intimacy connections by unfolding anecdotes in custom garments, initialing from the mood board, fashion illustrations, and design process of the garment, to find mindfulness within the creation, bonding two beautiful lives together as soulmates, and build a wardrobe to underline precious personality with clothes that genuinely resonate with, devoting commitments to the design, also advocating sustainability contribution globally, idealize beauty into omniscient time.

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